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Hello world!

The Miss Kitty does not necessarily have to be female

Guide Dang It!: The method to perform Hidden Desperation Moves in Fatal Fury 3 is extremely convoluted: first you need to enable them before the match by holding down all 4 buttons and Start before the match starts which turns your life bar green if you did it right,...
Hello world!

In the name of limited government

In regards to a lipo fire if the pack is going up in flames sand will do very little to help unless you have alot of sand (like a 5 gallon bucket). And even then you risk getting close to a pack that can and will shoot out flames multiple feet. If a pack goes up just...
Hello world!

Bald of Evil: Don, of course

Abhorrent Admirer: Jackie has one in Don Logan. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Jackie had a brief fling with Don before she was with Aitch. Technically, both Dee Dee and Jackie married former crooks, though they’re both harmless. An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Don...